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Irrigon Mainline Repair

A leak was found this week on the 24-inch mainline in Irrigon between Washington and Hwy 730.  This line serves the Huke Pump Station, Country Garden Estates, the Hellberg properties, McNamee properties, the 4th St. pump station and several other landowners.  It will be down for repair the morning of Monday, June 13 for 24-36 hours (estimated hours).   Irrigators should plan to water off-schedule during the weekend and the days following the repair so they don’t get behind in their watering.

Wind Notice

The forecast for this weekend calls for winds up to 30 mph sustained.  Special precautions need to be taken around open ditches and laterals during windy weather.

Wind can cause problems in a very short period of time here in Eastern Oregon.  Tumble weeds tumble into our canals and ditches very easily!  If it is windy, please follow your water to insure that ditches are clear and able to take water.

Water, Water Everywhere!

water canIt was a different start-up than we are used to.  There were a lot of repairs that needed to be completed before everyone in the District was able to get water.

We are finally done!  Except for a few new deliveries that need to be completed on the Lateral 7 Project, everyone in the District should have water now.  If you don’t, call the office so we can get someone out to troubleshoot the problem.


We have several areas of the District that are without water while we do some repairs:

  • Delivery 29 in Umatilla is off
  • Delivery 49 in Umatilla is off
  • Depot Lane lines are off
  • Irrigon 7th Street Station is off – affects west of 4th Street West
  • Irrigon 4th Street Station is off – affects 1st to 2nd St. on California
  • Lateral 9 in Boardman is off

We will keep you updated as repairs are completed.  Thank you for your patience.

Water Start-Up

Main Canal:  March 18

Boardman:  March 20

Irrigon Pressurized System:  April 1

Water start-up always depends on wind and rain, but here is our plan for 2016.  The main canal will be watered up March 18 & 19.  Water would come in to flush the upper canal on Friday, March 18, then be decreased briefly for checkboards to be placed.  We would take the water into Boardman a few days later.

Canal Irrigators:  Please have all your headgate and screen work completed by Friday morning, March 18.

Irrigon Pressurized System:  Plan for start-up Friday, April 1.  Watch reader board at AC Houghton and website as date gets closer.

Updates will be posted as they become available.  Please call the office with any questions, 541-922-3814