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Irrigation Tutorials

Are you looking to update and improve  your current irrigation system, or just thinking about putting in an underground sprinkler system?  I found a great webpage that is NOT published by someone who wants to sell you something.  It’s just about spreading irrigation information and ideas.  There are some great troubleshooting pages there too.  Thanks Jess Stryker for the great website!

Irrigation Tutorials


Wind Precautions

Check#2 Umatilla

March winds have finally arrived – better late than never!


Here are the important things to remember:

  • Check your screens often and keep them clean.
  • If you get water down a lateral, follow your water from the headgate all of the way to your property.  Make sure there are no weeds that have blown in the lateral to affect the flow of water.  Keep an eye on the lateral while taking water to insure that it remains clear of debris.
  • If you have to shut your water off unexpectedly, call the emergency on-call ditchrider at  541-314-0005

Water Update

Irrigon Pump Station
Irrigon Pump Station

Most of Irrigon has water now (Friday, 1:00 p.m.).  Crews have been chasing leaks, broken valves and open drain valves since Wednesday when the system was fired up.  There are still a few landowners who don’t have water yet, but don’t despair, help is on the way!

Crews are now moving on to the pump stations on the main canal.  As they can’t be everywhere all at once, please have patience as they move from one pump station to the next.

If you have any questions or don’t have water and your neighbors do, call the office at 541-922-3814 for assistance.

Please note:  The Ditchrider “On Call/Emergency” phone number is for after hours emergencies.  If you need to order water, call the Water Order Line at 541-922-9372.  If you need to speak with someone at the office and it is after hours, please leave a message and we will return it as soon as we are back in the office.  Remember:  the Emergency number is just for that, emergencies:  541-314-0005.

Pump stations are starting tomorrow!

You may have seen WEID crews around town closing drain valves in preparation for staring the Irrigon Pump Station tomorrow, April 1.  The system will take most of the day to fill.  Booster stations will be turned on as needed after that.

Pump stations in the rest of the district will be turned on as we can go down the canal.  We can’t turn them all on at the same time (we can’t be everywhere at the same time!).  Our plan is to have everyone turned on by the weekend.

We will begin on the same schedule as last year.  We will be getting updated schedules out in the next few weeks.  If you have any schedule changes you would like, please call the office and we may be able to make the change.  However, the goal is always for water economics, especially in this dry year.

Please call the office if you have any questions.