Irrigation Tutorials

Are you looking to update and improve  your current irrigation system, or just thinking about putting in an underground sprinkler system?  I found a great webpage that is NOT published by someone who wants to sell you something.  It’s just about spreading irrigation information and ideas.  There are some great troubleshooting pages there too.  Thanks Jess Stryker for the great website!

Irrigation Tutorials


Water Gauges available

WEID has rain gauges available to landowners in order to monitor your water use.  This will help you use only the water that your crop (lawn, pasture, corn, etc.) needs.  The gauges are available at no charge to you.

Rain Gauge Instructions

Agri-Met Crop Water Use Report

You will find the last 7 days of water needed for your crop and the forecast for the next week.  Needs will change as the season progresses.  Use of your rain gauge will assure you are not putting on too much or too little water for the needs of your crop.   Thanks to IRZ Consulting for this helpful service.  They are located in Hermiston.

Please call the office if you have any questions.