How much water do I really need?

sun agricultureAs most know, we are facing a drought year.  So far this year, irrigators have been paying a lot of attention to water conservation.

There are some great resources for you on our Resource page:


WEID has a nozzle exchange program at no cost to you.  We  recommend 1/8″ nozzles for water conservation, and we have 2 different size nozzles with that orifice.  You bring in your old nozzles and we replace them with new.  Nozzles need to be replaced every few years because the sand in the water wears out the nozzle and increases the nozzle size, and then you are  using more water than you expect.

Rain GaugeAt the office we also  have 2 sizes of rain gauges to fit your needs, one for lawns and one more suitable for pastures.  These are free and  come with instructions, or the ditchrider can meet with you and help you with it.

Responsible irrigation benefits the district, and therefore you, in several ways:

  • It insures that there is enough water for everyone at any one time.  If you are water off schedule or too much, you are using someone else’s water.
  • It insures that there will be enough water to finish the season.  If we use too much at the beginning of the season, there won’t be enough to finish the season.
  • It keeps the cost of the water down.  WEID gets most of its water by pumping.  When we need to pump more water at any one time, the cost of pumping goes up for that period of time.  The more we can keep water use stable, our pumping costs therefore are also stable.

Our crews have been out monitoring for overuse.  If they notice you watering off schedule or using too much water at one time,  they will attempt to make contact with you and help you determine ways to manage your water better.  If you are noticed misusing water a second time, you will receive a written warning.  If this does not resolve the problem, a third notice will include a fine for overuse of water.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a meeting with one of our ditchriders to review your irrigation practices, please call the office at 541-922-3814.