Start-Up Update

Damage to the canal from the freeze-thaw effect of the ice was significantly more than we had hoped for.  We have added another 10 days of work on the main canal from today.  We will hold off water as long as we can so we can keep working on the entire system.

We are looking at water start-up the first week of April on the main canal.

This puts the Irrigon system to April 12-15.

This is all weather dependent, of course.

Water Start-Up Outlook

We have inspected the main canal and have a minimum of 3 weeks of work to do.  WEID crews have been working 6 days a week, and will continue to do so, until water is started.  BEST CASE SCENARIO, barring unforeseen wind and weather issues,  is to start burning weeds in the canal the week of March 20th.

No start-up date has been set for the main canal pump stations.  We will evaluate that when we have water in the main canal.  It will be after April 1st.

Irrigon system will start the week of April 10th.

Stay tuned for further updates.