Water Start-Up

Water start-up is coming earlier this year than normal.

WEID started diverting water into its main canal last Thursday, March 15, taking water into Boardman on Saturday, March 17.  Laterals will be opened as they are cleaned and needed.  If you need water and your lateral has not been unlocked yet, please call the office at 541-922-3814 to be put on the list.

Remember to always follow your water from the main canal to your property to insure that no weeds have blown in.

The Irrigon Pressure System is on target to start low pressure on Monday, March 26.  The crews are still working on some booster pump station upgrades and pipe replacement.  There is also some maintenance needed on the pumps at the river station.

The system will be on low pressure until April.  After April 2, WEID will begin turning on the booster stations both in Irrigon and on the main canal.

If you have any questions about start-up, please call the office at 541-922-3814.  If you need to order water (flood irrigators and 20+ acres sprinkle), you can call or text your order in to 541-922-9372.