Prison Inmate Labor Crews Back for 19th Year

We have started the manual cleaning of the open ditches in Boardman.  The inmate labor crew from Two Rivers Correctional Institution began their work January 22 and will continue to March 7.  In November and December, they were working on the main canal concrete panels in Boardman.

This is the 19th year that we have used the Inmate Program for cleaning of the laterals and the 6th year for using them on the concrete main canal.  We have been very pleased with the work in both time and value to the District.

Information about the inmate work crew:

  •  Crew work hours will generally be from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm
  •  We will start at Lateral 17 (Paul Smith Road)
  •  The crews will be on the lateral or the canal right-of-way
  •  A District employee and a prison guard will be with them at all times
  •  The work crew will be clearly identifiable
  •  These are low security inmates, specifically selected for this work

If you live along the main canal or an open lateral and want to be notified a day in advance of the inmate labor crew working along your property, please call the District office at 541-922-38147.  We will put you on the notification list.  You need to call in each year that you want to be notified, as we don’t keep record from year to year.

Thank you, and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.