May 20, 2019

IPS: Crews started up the river station Saturday afternoon/evening.

Columbia Lane and Oregon Street booster stations: The repair was completed this weekend. We still need to backfill and replace/repair the asphalt on Fourth Street. FORECAST: Tuesday afternoon.

Relocation Canal / Division Street booster station: Repairs/rebuld continues on schedule. There are 2 concrete pours remaining, and some finishing. We have tried to maintain water to the Division Street booster station and RL-3, but it is a balancing act to keep enough water in for use, and not flood the repair. We turned off the Division Street station Friday due to the rain, to give our crew a break from the long days and overtime. We turned it back on this morning, but it is a balancing act. FORECAST: Friday for repairs to be completed and water back in the full Relocation Canal.