mainline leak puts system down

May 16, 2019

This morning, a leak developed on the mainline that delivers water to the Oregon Street and Columbia Lane pump stations.  The leak appears to be under the asphalt at the intersection of Oregon Street and West Fourth St.  We have marked that intersection with safety cones and it will be “one lane” for now and may actually be closed when we do the repair.

The line is being drained and we will start digging on Friday to see what the problem is.  We anticipate needing to order parts and/or bring in a welder.  Wise Construction and Contracting will be doing this work for us. 

The pump stations will be off until the repair is complete, which may be the middle of next week.  We are fortunate to have a weather pattern that will help us all out.  These types of repairs could run into problems if specialty parts need to be ordered.

This is a good time for you to assure that your own irrigation valve is working.  Remember that the first valve off the District’s mainline is for District use only.  You should have your own valve for your use to turn your system on and off.  If you don’t, you have time now to install that valve.