relocation canal update

May 16, 2019

We are still working on the repair (now rebuild) to the end of the Relocation Canal that delivers water to south Irrigon and the Division Street Pump Station.  The first repair did not hold, so we brought in Wise Excavation and Contracting to rebuild the structure.  We’ve had good luck keeping the canal at a fairly consistent level, so water wasn’t bypassing the pump station – until a power bump on Tuesday evening and the rain.  That created some havoc for the contractor as they had to deal with the water as well as the repair.

With this weather pattern, we’d like to leave the station off until the repair is complete, which would be the middle of next week.

This is a good time for you to assure that your own irrigation valve is working.  Remember that the first valve off the District’s mainline is for District use only.  You should have your own valve for your use to turn your system on and off.  If you don’t, you have time now to install that valve.