March 23, 2020

WEID crews are working limited hours in response to the coronavirus pandemic. They are limited to 8-9 hours per day, 5 days a week. We also lost 2 weeks work of the prison crew for the same reason. This has put us behind in our projections for water start-up.

Crews are repairing some checkboard structures in the upper canal today. Then they will move to Boardman. None of the laterals are open yet, we will get to them one by one. If you are ready to take water down an open lateral, call the office at 541-922-3814 to have your ditches inspected. When your ditch has been opened, please check it for weeks and debris prior to turning water in. Continue to check it throughout your rotation.

Irrigon and pump station start-up has been delayed 1-2 weeks.

Check this webpage for updates.