The Board of Directors of West Extension Irrigation District will hold its Monthly Business Meeting on Thursday, September 24, 2020 at 9:00 am. An Executive Session may be called pursuant to ORS 192.660 to discuss legal issues.

The meeting will be held at the Port of Morrow, #2 Marine Drive, Boardman, OR 97818.

Please call the office at (541) 922-3814 if you have any questions.


9/9/20 7:30 am. Reclamation is still having some power problems at their pump station. The pumps, which came on about 4:00 pm yesterday, shut off about 2 am this morning and again at 7 am. Power companies have finished their work and Reclamation crews are going through the system to get everything reset. Water should be up again this morning. In the meantime, we have 35 cfs going into Boardman, working its way down the ditch. The rest of the water did not get there.

We are asking folks in the upper canal to delay taking water so we can get water to the critical crops in Boardman and stabilize the canal.

No district pump stations will be on today.


9/8/20 – 3:00 pm – UPDATE: Reclamation has repaired the pumps but there are down power lines by the canal that diverts water from McNary Dam to the Bureau pump station. UEC has been working non-stop since the fire trying to get their systems operational. We are hoping to get water turned into the canal tomorrow.

9/8/20 – 11:00 am – UPDATE: Reclamation has reported electrical problems at the pumps. They are bringing in an electrician. In the meantime, we have weed piles and some debris in the canal and have started removal. We will reassess at 2:00 pm.

9/8/20 – 8:30 am: The canal went down last night about 5:00 pm due to a power outage at the Bureau pump station. The outage is due to the fire last night. At this time, we do not have a forecast when the pumps will be back on line.

In the meantime, WEID crews are clearing weeds, debris, and a shed from our canal.

Both items must be complete before we can get water back in the canal. Watch this website for updates.


The WEID will apply the aquatic herbicide Magnacide H© to its main canal on Wednesday, September 2, 2020.  The active ingredient is Acrolein.  Algae and pond weed are the targeted weeds in the canal.  The upper canal will be treated with this herbicide from the Phase 1 Inlet east of Powerline Road to I-84. 

The WEID will apply the aquatic Herbicide COPPER SULFATE to the Boardman Main Canal (I-84 to Boardman Spillway) on Wednesday,. September 2, 2020.  This will be applied in a granular form..  Algae and pond weed are the targeted weeds in the canal.  The copper sulfate will be applied in the Boardman canal only

Waters are considered “treated” from 7 am Wednesday to 3 pm Thursday.

If you have any questions please call the office at 541-922-3814.