Thursday, April 15 Updates:

Tuesday, April 13 Updates:

Crews continue to work to get water to everyone in the District. There are still several outages that we are working on:

Huke Pump Station, Irrigon: The pump station wend down Monday, morning, April 12, for a leak at the pump station. A locate has been called in and we will begin digging it up in the next day or two. Parts have been ordered and should arrive tomorrow morning. Update: Barring any further complications, we should be able to get the work completed Friday and the station turned back on Saturday.

Sunrise Meadows Pump Station in Boardman: The pump “blew up” (not a technical term, so don’t worry!) today. Pump technicians are on site working on it. We should have it back up tonight (Friday) or tomorrow morning if all goes as planned. UPDATE the pump was repaired and turned on about 4 pm yesterday, Monday.

Division Street Pump Station in Irrigon: The pump kicked off this afternoon and district crews are not able to get it back up and going. The problem is believed to be in the VFD and we have called the technician to take a look at it. We do not have a forecast at this time. UPDATE: 5 pm Friday. The pump is on.

Idaho Lane in Irrigon, from 2nd Street West: There is a problem with the valve that serves this leg of the line. We have called in a locate and will be digging that up next week. We won’t have a forecast until we dig it up and see exactly what the problem is. Update: The 6″ valve needs to be replaced. Parts have been ordered and the repair will be done in the next day or two. Update: the work was completed today and the pump station was turned on low pressure this afternoon. Pressure should be available Friday.

Greenwood PRV, off Oregon St. in Irrigon: This is a private system in Irrigon. There is a leak in the neighborhood and we have isolated the system until the repair can be made. The affected landowners are working on the repairs and we will get it turned back on as soon as they are complete. UPDATE: The system was up and down this weekend, but finally turned on Sunday afternoon.

We are also working hard on the individual problems that landowners have had with start up. Crews are working 7 days a week trying to get water to everyone. Thanks for your patience!

If you have any questions, please call the office at 541-922-3814.