Tuesday, April 20 8:15 am. There are two areas in Irrigon remaining without water. The line along Oregon Street was shut off at 3rd St. NE last week for a private repair. The valve at Idaho St and 2nd St. NW has been repaired, but water is not in the line. This morning, our crew will do its best to address both of these outages. We also have shut off the valve at Highway 730 and Apricot Lane. It appears a car hit that line. Our piping project in Boardman was not complete when the water season started, so crews will move to that project next. We have 12 families waiting for water there. It’s a busy time of year, for sure and our small crew is working long hours to try to get ahead of these outages. We sure appreciate the patience a majority of the customers have shown.

Friday, April 16, 7:45 update. The repair is taking longer than anticipated, mainly due to water still in the pipe. We have had one-way traffic on Columbia Lane most of the day, repaired the roadway and are closing our work area now so traffic can return to normal. Will be back on the irrigation repair in the morning. WE WILL NEED TO SHUT DOWN THE ENTIRE IRRIGON SYSTEM in the morning for at least half a day.

Friday, April 16, 4:00 pm. Crews have been working on the repair all day, and they plan on staying until it is done. If all goes as planned, the glue will dry overnight and we will turn on low pressure Saturday afternoon. If no new leaks appear, the pump stations will be turned on and things should be back to normal. Fingers crossed.

Friday, April 16, 11:30 am. About an hour ago we had a failure on our mainline along Columbia Lane. Unfortunately this impacts everyone served by the Huke Pump Station and the 4th Street Pump Station. At this point we are trying to clean the area and assess the damage. Morrow County Road Department is on the way with an excavator and other equipment to assess the damage to Columbia Lane. Until we are able to get into the area and see exactly what failed, we won’t know what parts to order or how long the repair will take.

Please watch for continued updates.