As we get closer to completion of our maintenance work, we are able to point to a better start-up estimate. At this point, we are dependent on when we can get concrete trucks, which has been hard with all of the other construction going on in the area. Here are the new dates:

MAIN CANAL: Target is Thursday, March 24 to start flushing the upper canal. We will then take it into Boardman the next day, Friday, March 25. We will come back on Monday, March 28 to lower the water in the canal and put in check boards. If all goes to plan, there should be clean, reliable water on Tuesday, March 29.

PUMP STATIONS: We are still shooting for the week of April 11 to start up the pump stations. This includes all pump stations off the main canal, and the Irrigon Pressurized System (IPS).

Watch the website for updates.