May 4, 2022 – There has been an unprecedented amount of rain the past 2 weeks which has made keeping the pump stations up and running both difficult and damaging. Over the weekend, we lost one of the pumps in Boardman when everyone on the system shut off and overloaded the pump. Generally, on systems with a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) on a pump, it takes about 20% usage to keep the pump on without damaging it. Saturday’s huge rain followed by another big rain storm on Monday left very little usage on almost all of the district pumps, so all of the pump stations were shut off on Monday. The forecast shows another bout of rain coming Thursday and Friday, up to an inch total. The District is monitoring the weather forecast throughout the day and reassessing decisions about turning the pumps back on.

We have not had such a late, wet spring in many, many years. It is definitely welcome with the drought we are facing. At least our ground is not starting out behind like last year. Hopefully, this will help ease the pumping costs for this year. If we work together, we can get through this odd weather. Thanks for understanding.


IPS (Irrigon Pressurized System) – Monday the meter at the river station showed zero use, so the river pumps were shut off. If the forecast holds, the pumps will not be turned back on until after the rain. Generally, there is only one person working on the weekend. It takes 2-3 people to turn on the river station, so conservative estimate is the river station won’t be turned back on until next week.

Division St. Pump Station (south Irrigon) – Wednesday’s are a scheduled day off. Crews will try to turn the station on Thursday / Friday. They will monitor usage to decide whether to keep it on or turn it back off.

Southshore Drive Pump Station – currently operating on the “by-pass”. This means the pump is not on, the water is by-passing it, and there is low pressure. When there are enough calls for water, it will be turned back on.

Boardman Pump Stations – crews will try to start those back up in the next few days. McGraw is up and running; Hamilton is down for repair. Watching usage is critical. Please watch what your neighbors are doing. If you are the only one using water, PLEASE DO NOT SHUT OFF WITHOUT CALLING THE DISTRICT TO HAVE THE PUMP SHUT OFF FIRST.