UPDATE 7/23/22 9:45 am — The pump came back on line about 8:00 pm last night! Yay! Thanks everyone who worked so hard on this, and thanks patrons for being patient and understanding. Please irrigate within your allotment so everyone can get the water they need to catch up.

UPDATE 7/22/22 3:40 pm — The pump will be ready to pick up in Boardman about 5 tonight. Crews have agreed to work late to get it installed. The electrician has already been called and will also be there tonight. if all goes well the pump will be installed and running late tonight. GREAT THANKS to Kerns Brothers for making our pump a priority, and to Rock Electric for coming out after hours, and to Alan and Daniel (WEID crew) for working late. Text messages have been sent out to everyone on this system that we have numbers for. Any updates after this time will be sent out via text. if you are on the Division St. pump and haven’t received any texts, then we don’t have any numbers for you. Please call the office and give us current contact information so you can be added.

UPDATE 7/21/22 4:45 pm — The pump was taken to Kerns Brothers in Boardman yesterday to be rewired and repaired. The current status is that the pump has been pressure washed and rewired. It still needs to be baked and tested. They have quite a few pumps they are working on right now, and I am sure we all feel the same way: “It’s hot and we need our water!” We just have to wait our turn. We are already in line with the electrician, who will need to complete his rewiring of the station with the install. It’s unfortunate that this has happened when it is so hot. Thankfully we work with great vendors (Kerns Brothers and Rock Electric) who are doing their best to get the pump back as soon as possible.

7/20/22 — The Division Street Pump Station in South Irrigon went down yesterday (Tuesday, 7/19) afternoon. There is a problem with the wiring. The electrician has been called and the pump station will be turned on as soon as the repair is made.