Please check the Irrigon ICE page on FaceBook for any updates over the weekend, as this website is only updated during business hours.

9/23/22 – 4:30 pm – Crews will be in tomorrow (Saturday) to load the pump and take it to Kerns. We will get the pump installed as soon as we get it back.

9/23/22 – 3:20 pm – Crews have determined that the problem is internal to the pump. (This is different than the problem we had in July, which was an electrical problem). They are working on pulling the pump and getting it out to Kerns Brothers for repairs. While they are bringing a piece of equipment to town to lift the pump, they are also seeing if Kerns can pick it up; whichever is the quickest.

9/23/22 – 10:00 am – A call came in last night after hours about low/no flows from the Division Street Pump Station. Crews were on site this morning troubleshooting the problem. They have left for parts/supplies and will be back on site. I will update this post as I have more details.