Saturday – October 22, 2022

Irrigon pump stations (Irrigon Pressurized System and Division Street Pump Station) are going off today for the season, 4 days earlier than forecasted. As always, shut-off dates are weather dependent, and we can thank Mother Nature for lifting the drought this year with early and late rains! Thanks also to our patrons for a great season!

Crews will be reading meters this week. If you winterize your meter before we get out, please notify the office of your final meter reading. Call 541-922-3814 and leave a message if the office is closed, text to 541-314-0005 (text only, not a voice line), or email to

Don’t forget to winterize your meter before freezing weather hits. This should include your filter, anywhere that water will pool and freeze over the winter. Landowners own the meters (even if the District provided it with grant funds) and are responsible for their care and maintenance.