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Monday, November 28, 2022

Sorry if we missed you last week. Prior to the Thanksgiving holiday, office staff was out due to illness. It is really going around – most of the field staff has been out at some point over the past month.

UPCOMING CLOSURE: The office will close at 1:30 today (11/28/22) and remain closed Tuesday and Wednesday, reopening Thursday (12/1/22) at appx. 1:00 pm. Staff will be out of town at meetings.

Please call 541-922-3814 and leave a message to be returned when office reopens.


Irrigon resident and WEID water user, Debbie Radie, was honored by the American Frozen Food Institute at its annual Leadership Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Radie, Vice-President of Operations at Boardman Foods and member of the AFFI Board of Directors, was presented with the institute’s inaugural Woman of The Year award.  The award recognizes “an outstanding female AFFI member employee for her passion for the frozen food industry and her leadership.”  This new award was created and presented in partnership with Frozen & Refrigerated Buyer to celebrate the women in the frozen food industry.  According to Alison Bodor, CEO of AFFI, “Debbie has long been active within AFFI, where she shares her expertise and energy.”

Radie expressed surprise when her name was called to come up on stage and receive her award.  “It took me about 24 hours of just taking it all in,” she said.  “When I really thought about it, the best part of this award was that Boardman Foods is an innovative, creative, and insightful company that thinks and reacts as challenges arise, whether it’s COVID, childcare, or new food safety regulations.”

When I spoke with Debbie about the award, she said she was especially humbled, as she was up against women from much larger corporations.  She is pleased to bring the recognition to Morrow County, where community collaboration is one of her priorities.  From affordable childcare to employee safety and water quality, Boardman Foods has always been proactive in the community. 

“So, we as a company and me as a leader get to take on those challenges and react to them in a very nimble way.  Brian Maag, our president, likes to say, ‘Keep our knees bent,’ and I think that’s really true.  Being able to get this award, the first Woman of the Year award, is a big honor.”

Congratulation, Debbie!



The Board of Directors of West Extension Irrigation District will hold its Monthly Business Meeting on Monday, November 28, 20222, at 9:00 a.m.  An Executive Session may be called pursuant to ORS 192.660 to discuss legal issues. 

The board meeting will be held at Columbia Improvement District, 501 E. Columbia Ave., Boardman, OR  97818.

Please call the office at (541) 922-3814 if you have any questions. 


Saturday – October 22, 2022

Irrigon pump stations (Irrigon Pressurized System and Division Street Pump Station) are going off today for the season, 4 days earlier than forecasted. As always, shut-off dates are weather dependent, and we can thank Mother Nature for lifting the drought this year with early and late rains! Thanks also to our patrons for a great season!

Crews will be reading meters this week. If you winterize your meter before we get out, please notify the office of your final meter reading. Call 541-922-3814 and leave a message if the office is closed, text to 541-314-0005 (text only, not a voice line), or email to

Don’t forget to winterize your meter before freezing weather hits. This should include your filter, anywhere that water will pool and freeze over the winter. Landowners own the meters (even if the District provided it with grant funds) and are responsible for their care and maintenance.


IRRIGON: (IPS and Division pumps) Shut-off will be Wednesday, October 26th. The pumps will be shut down that morning. Crews will winterize the system and read the meters. The District leaves its valves open during the winter, so please do not close the valves. Remember to make sure your own valve is working.

MAIN CANAL PUMPS: Shut-off will be Friday, October 28th. The pumps will be shut down that morning. Crews will winterize the systems and read the meters. The off-season is the time to do any maintenance or repairs on your own system.

MAIN CANAL: The main canal will be shut off on Monday, October 31st. The canal will take a few days to completely drain, especially in “checked-up” areas. Crews will be reading meters following shut-down. The off-season is the time to check your delivery, screens, and other components for needed repairs.

All dates are weather dependent.

METERS: Please send your meter reading in to the office if you pull it before the end of the season. Irrigators are reminded to drain (larger meters) or pull (smaller meters) your meter and store it safely during the winter months.