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August 27 – 9:20 am

The river station is on! Crews are starting on the booster stations .

August 26 – 4:00 pm

The repair is complete! The glue needs to cure overnight, and crews will start the system in the morning. As this is a 4 hour process, the system should be fully pressurized by noon. Thanks for your patience.

August 26 – 11:15 am

The Irrigon Pressurized System River Station (IPS Station) went down with the power bump. During the outage, an air vac just up from the pump station was damaged. WEID crews will be repairing the air vac today. In order to complete the repair, the system has to drain. This means that water will be off in Irrigon today. Depending on how the repair goes, the glue will have to cure before the system can be started again; this will likely be Saturday morning. That will involve turning on the river station, filling the system, then going around and turning on the booster stations, which takes about 4 hours. Uggh!

Thanks for your patience while crews are working to restore your water.

The Division Street Station is not affected by this, as its water source is WEID’s main canal. This station should be up and running shortly.

August 26 – 11:00 am

The “power bump” that just happened here in Irrigon has shut off the booster pumps around town. The pumps have to be started manually and do not automatically come back on.

Crews are working on getting everything started back up. This should take less than an hour. Until everything is operational, you will experience low pressure. Thank you for your patience.


The WEID will apply the aquatic herbicide Magnacide H© to its main canal this week.  The Boardman canal will be applied on Thursday, August 25. 2022.   The Upper canal will receive its application on Wednesday, August 24, 2022.  The active ingredient is Acrolein.  Pond weed is the targeted weed in the canal.   Waters for the Boardman canal are considered “treated” from 6 AM Thursday to 6 AM Friday.  Waters for the upper main canal are considered “treated” from 6 am Wednesday to 7 am Thursday.

If you have any questions please call the office at 541-922-3814


There are two Director positions that will become open at the end of this year.  Divisions 3 and 5 are three-year terms beginning January 2023. 

Division Three:      Irrigon

Currently vacant. Term ends this year.

Division Five:  West Boardman

Dalarie Philippi currently serves. Term ends this year. 

Those interested should contact the district office for information and to pick up the Nominating Petition.

Petitions are due by 4:00 p.m. Tuesday, October 4, 2022

If more than one candidate files for an open position, the election will be held on November 8, 2022. Election will be Mail-In


Division 3 Vacancy

The Director for Division 3 has resigned, and there is a Director position open to fill the rest of the term. 

Division 3 represents Irrigon on the Board of Directors.

The position will be appointed by the Board of Directors at its September meeting.  The term is through the end of 2022.  There will be an election in November to fill the new 3-year term.   

Those interested in the position should contact the district office by calling 541-922-3814 or emailing


West Extension Irrigation District will be applying the aquatic herbicide “Argos” (liquid chelated copper) in its main canal over 3 days::

Tuesday                July 26, 2022              Upper Canal (Phase 1 Inlet (East of Power Line Road) to Division)

Wednesday           July 27, 2022              Middle Canal (Division to I-84)

Thursday               July 28, 2022              Boardman Canal (siphon to end)

Treatments will start at approximately 6 am and last for 6 hours.  Argos targets algae and is applied at the rate of 1 ppm for a 6 hour set.  This low rate of application means there are no holding restrictions on the water.  This compares to the Copper Sulfate Crystals which are applied at a 5-6 ppm rate and have lengthy holding time.

The Relocation Canal will be treated with Copper Sulfate Crystals on Wednesday, July 27.  There will be a holding time of 7 hours.  The Division Street Pump Station will be down during the treatment, then turned back on in the afternoon.

Please call the office with any questions at 541-922-3814.