Thursday, April 2, 2020

The siphon remains partially plugged and we can get just a small amount of water through. We will shut it completely off Saturday morning to drain. ODOT crews will go in Monday morning to identify the problem.

We will provide an update after we know more.


WEID will take the Boardman canal down tomorrow (Tuesday, March 31) to clear a plug under I-84. Hopefully this will be a one day outage.

Crews continue to work in Lateral 24 in Boardman. Depending on how the work at I-84 goes tomorrow, it may be open by Wednesday.

So far, Laterals 29, 30, and the upper part of 17 are ready to take water.

Don’t forget to call/text when you are ready to take water to have your ditches inspected. They must be inspected before you can take water.

Water Order Line: 541-922-9372

Office: 541-922-3814


March 27, 2020

The Relocation Canal in Irrigon is open.

Lateral 17 is open for a flood irrigator today only, but is not open for at-will irrigation.

Crews are currently working on lateral 24. We are hoping to have it open by the middle of next week. Irrgiators need to call to have their ditches inspected and order water prior to taking water for the first time.

WEID Water Order Line: 541-922-9372


March 23, 2020

WEID crews are working limited hours in response to the coronavirus pandemic. They are limited to 8-9 hours per day, 5 days a week. We also lost 2 weeks work of the prison crew for the same reason. This has put us behind in our projections for water start-up.

Crews are repairing some checkboard structures in the upper canal today. Then they will move to Boardman. None of the laterals are open yet, we will get to them one by one. If you are ready to take water down an open lateral, call the office at 541-922-3814 to have your ditches inspected. When your ditch has been opened, please check it for weeks and debris prior to turning water in. Continue to check it throughout your rotation.

Irrigon and pump station start-up has been delayed 1-2 weeks.

Check this webpage for updates.


In response the Governor Kate Brown’s executive order issued this morning (Monday, March 23), we have closed our office to the public.

Payments can be left in the drop box in the door or mailed to: PO Box 100, Irrigon, OR 97844.

Credit card payments are now being accepted over the phone for a 3.8% processing fee. Please call 541-922-3814.

For essential business by appointment, call 541-922-3814.

For a water emergency call 541-314-0005.